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Basic Consultancy Service 

This incorporates a site visit of at least 3 hours, we will walk the property and I will provide a verbal consultation, listen to your needs, give you recommendations and Ideas. Great to get a feel for how to integrate holistic design into your site.  Price does not include travel costs.

Price: 250 Euro

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Basic Consultancy and Design Service 

This includes a site visit lasting a full day, a verbal consultation and client interview. Two working weeks after the site visit you will receive a follow up report with a hand drawn base map with key elements sited.

Price: Depends on size of project

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Whole Site Consultancy and Design

This includes one if needed two full days site visit, client interview, initial site data collection, observation and analysis of exisiting and proposed elements, zone, sector, soil, water and slope analysis and an intensive report.

Price: On Application

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Teaching and Internships

As well as running our own courses, Adam also offers his teaching services as a course facilitator or guest speaker, management and running of short term Internships can also be arranged, specifics and prices to be arranged.

Co-create your sustainable future with us!

We are happy discuss any of our services in detail with you, design and Implementation packages can be arranged, we also offer our help with organisation and management of any larger scale project, making sure the design is applied and linking you with the right people to get the job done.


Spreading Permaculture is not just a Job to us, but a passion and a strong believe in the possibility that it brings, should you wish to learn more about it or would like to:

collaborate, engage or network with us just get in touch!